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Prayer Request

When we receive a Prayer Request we enter the person’s name on a Prayer List Book or on the Prayer Tree at the Santuario where silent prayers are offered for the individuals. The Prayer Request is free although we are happy to accept donations.

If you want a prayer for an individual to be formally included in a Mass at El Santuario please fill out a Mass Intention Request.

If you choose to make a donation please send a check or money order payable to "Santuario de Chimayo" and mail to:

P.O.Box 235
Chimayo, NM

Alternatively, we can take a credit card donation over the phone at 1-505-351-9961.

Please fill out the form below to make a Prayer Request. If you need assistance or further information, please contact Lenore Velasquez at (505) 351-9961 or Fabie Valdez at (505) 351-4360 or e-mail to

Prayer Request Form

(Fields in Yellow are Required)

Person Making Request:
  First Name:    
  Middle Name:  
  Last Name:    
  E-mail Address:  

Person for whom the Prayer is requested:
  First Name:    
  Middle Name:  
  Last Name:    
Comments:  Type of affliction, where person lives, or other information you would like to share.

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