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Testimonials Related to Physical Afflictions

"A Blessing From God"

"...My family had heard of the stories of great miracles of healing and I’m sure their prayers were for healing me of my walking problems caused by Multiple Sclerosis. My prayers were for God to heal me if that was his plan or at least heal me of the most troublesome problems and to protect my good leg from any damage. So now I will share with you how I view this affliction...." Read more.

"I Walked Away From a Bad Car Accident!"

"...So many miracles are tied in with the Santuario de Chimayo that I cannot deny that another miracle, this time on my behalf, is a distinct possibility...." Read more.

New Year’s Blessings

"...When we sought out the back room where the hole dominated the center of the space, we felt a sense of awe—the same feeling I had on my first visit. My son pointed out the surrounding crutches lining the wall which, I must say, had escaped me the first time around...." Read more.

Ruby Didn’t Need the Surgery After All

"...The night before Ruby’s scheduled surgery, Tony and Steve took the dirt and rubbed it on Ruby’s body and prayed. Toni said they both had peace about whatever the outcome was and accepted God’s will in the matter. The next morning they packed their bags and took Ruby to the hospital expecting to spend the night with their tiny baby after the surgery. But to their surprise, the doctor came to them in the waiting room and said Ruby didn’t need the surgery after all! He couldn’t explain it...." Read more.

An Interview with George Mendoza:

"I am blind, traveled many miles to Chimayó,
a place I love, in its silence and peace I left this gift….a poem.
If you are a stranger, if you are weary from the struggles in life,
whether you have a handicap, whether you have a broken heart,
follow the long mountain road, find a home in Chimayó...." Read more.

The Church of Chimayo

"...I have traveled many places in the world, experiencing a panorama of places, people and cultures. My feet have walked many a museum; my eyes have beheld incredible sights and my ears have listened to the sweetest of sounds. None can surpass my Chimayo...." Read more.

The Holy Dirt

"...The next morning I woke up and felt little to no pain at all in my legs. I was very happy. I finally felt I could do everyday activities without worrying about messing up my leg. So I write you this letter to share my experience and to give hope to those who are skeptical and to believe that God is with us...." Read more.

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