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Other Testimonials

An Interview with George Mendoza:

"I am blind, traveled many miles to Chimayó,
a place I love, in its silence and peace I left this gift….a poem.
If you are a stranger, if you are weary from the struggles in life,
whether you have a handicap, whether you have a broken heart,
follow the long mountain road, find a home in Chimayó...." Read more.

A Pilgrim For A Miracle

"...I remember from long years past that many of the faithful would make pilgrimages to El Santuario de Chimayo to pray for miracles. I would like to perform such a pilgrimage for my niece and pray for a miracle. I am asking your guidance in this...." Read more.

The Best Place on Earth

"...Strangely, all that came to mind during that escape was the image of El Santuario, and somehow I felt the calm in the face of the winds. Even as I feared the worst, I felt the presence of the angels, flying alongside of me, yet stronger than on any journey before...." Read more.

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