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Testimonials Related to Infertility

"Nine Months Later Simone Louise Was Born...."

"...My son had a close couple he was very good friends with and he knew they were trying to get pregnant. Thousands of dollars had been spent with no luck. He gave them the Blessed Dirt, and within two weeks the good news of a baby coming was in the works!..." Read more.

"Then We Found the Reason..."

"...I was so upset and depressed with the diagnosis but came to remember what Fr. Julio had told us on Christmas Day. I immediately felt better about the situation and felt that we had "found the reason" that Fr. Julio had spoken about. I called Fr. Julio that night to tell him about the diagnosis. Although the road ahead was laid out with lots of uncertainty, I felt that God truly was holding us high and helping us down the path...." Read more.

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