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Sons of the Holy Family

When Fr. Roca was assigned to the parish of Santa Cruz de la Cañada, New Mexico, on July 4, 1954, he came as a member of the Sons of the Holy Family, a religious order founded in Barcelona, Spain, in 1864 by Saint Joseph Manyanet to serve families. The order had first come to Santa Cruz in 1920, at the invitation of Bishop Albert Daeger, Archbishop of Santa Fe, to minister to the Spanish-speaking population in the area.

At that time, the Santuario de Chimayo was a mission of the large mother parish of Santa Cruz, and was tended to by the priests who lived and served at Santa Cruz and its many missions. Later, in 1959, when Holy Family Parish in Chimayo was established, it continued to be served by the Sons of the Holy Family, as it is today. The Santuario remains a mission of Holy Family Parish, and is currently served by four Sons of the Holy Family: Fr. Julio Gonzalez, pastor; Fr. Jim Suntum, vicar; Fr. Ron Carrillo, vicar; and Fr. Casimiro Roca, vicar.

St. Joseph Manyanet y Vives (1833-1901, shown in the picture at left) was a Spanish priest from Catalonia, known widely as the "prophet of the family." He founded two religious congregations—the Sons of the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph (1864), and the Missionary Daughters of the Holy Family of Nazareth (1874). He was also a promoter of the Holy Family Temple in Barcelona, Spain. At his canonization in Rome on May 16, 2004, Pope John Paul II said: "The Gospel of the family, lived by Jesus in Nazareth together with Mary and Joseph, was the moving force of his pastoral charity and inspired his teaching."

The Sons of the Holy Family serve to this day at Santa Cruz, Chimayo and Holy Family Seminary in Silver Spring, Maryland, as well as in Spain, Italy, Mexico and numerous countries in South America.

To learn more about the Sons of the Holy Family, you may visit their websites and .

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