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Testimonials Related to Cancer

Dr. Larry Baran:

"...I knew I needed to light a candle and so did Cathy. I looked around at this simple wood and adobe, small yet majestic, humble yet holy chapel. Here in this Sanctuario the faith these adobe walls and wood have witnessed. We eventually sat down in a worn out pew and took in the antiquity and holiness of all of the Spanish wooden altarpieces around the chapel, known as reredos, panels of sacred paintings. I then finally placed my eyes upon the old rugged crucifix, the miraculous cross, with the Man of Sorrow suffering upon the splintery beams...." Read more.

A Pilgrim For A Miracle

"...I remember from long years past that many of the faithful would make pilgrimages to El Santuario de Chimayo to pray for miracles. I would like to perform such a pilgrimage for my niece and pray for a miracle. I am asking your guidance in this...." Read more.

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